Its been a long time!

We got married!!! My Mother told me i never posted how fabulous our wedding was- or our honeymoon!

Every detail was perfect, and we were so happy with the wonderful people who helped us with our day, starting with our family and friends and the people who helped make our visions come true-

Flowers- Hawkes Flowers did an amazing Job with all our flower needs for the wedding- the roses they suggested for my bouquet were amazingly beautiful, and it was everything i could of asked for. (they dont have a website 😦  )

Cake- My cake, what can i say about my cake, it tasted like perfection, and looked even more amazing- I am so thankful for the creative talents of Confection Art of York Maine.

Photos- Roger Duncan took the most amazing wedding photos and was one of the easiest people to work with.See for yourself some of the wonderful photos taken that day.

Video- Having a video done was a last minuet decision/panic that i am so happy i made. With such a small cost and short notice, Shea produced an amazing video we will have for years to come. We watched it on our anniversary and had already forgotten some of the moments he captured. He, like Roger, was great to work with. Fat Sheamus Production is truly amazing.  On his wedding page part of our wedding video is posted.

Catering- Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset came and catered the wedding- it was amazing! We loved the thoughtful details from the heart shaped biscuits, amazing scallops wrapped in bacon and the picnic they packed for us to take on our trip to Boston that night.

Our honeymoon was amazing as well- we really enjoyed the resort we stayed in. Aura Whyndam Couzmel Resort

In other amazing news- we are buying a house! (not that im sure anyone will read this, lol) but we are closing at the end of February and are very excited to be homeowners!



Hi Everyone,

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. I cant believe its down to 2 days. Tomorrow we decorate the reception hall, and have the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. Everyone is starting to arrive, my sister and Jo came in last night, Erin this morning, Deb tonight, April tomorrow, Dork  & Carol tomrorow, and I think Rob is arriving sometime tomorrow as well!

Rob and I have been taking dance lessons, so we have to take some time to practice tomorrow. As well as, something really not important, getting our MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!!!!

Last weekend I met with the Minister, Photographer and a Videographer for the wedding. At the last minute I decided to have a videographer at the wedding. After reading WeddingBook so much (on facebook), I got worried I would regret not having a video of the day. So at the last moment, I booked a videographer! I went back to mass on Sunday, and then went  with Rob to see U2 on Monday night, the concert was amazing!!! What a great last first date as an engaged couple!

Mom and I got our nails done yesterday, and did some last minute errands. Today my sister, Jo, Erin, Mom and I went to the reception hall to check out the music. Then we went out to Fat Boys for lunch! After that Erin and I went through my very over packed Honeymoon bags, and she was tough on me to weed things out, it was really helpful. Thanks Erin!

So tomorrow everyone will be in town, the reception hall will all come together. I am too excited to see people this weekend, and then to head to our honeymoon! I wont be back till Oct.4th, but will blog after! Maybe even before 🙂

16 Days!

Out of nowhere, there are now 16 days till the wedding!

After receiving all of the RSVPS we did the seating chart for the wedding. It may sound insane, but if you are ever doing a seating chart for a large group of people i HIGHLY recommend it. We went to the dolor store and got paper plates (yellow so they were our wedding colors) and enough cloths pins for everyone. When we got home we wrote everyone’s name on a clothes pin, and went away making tables. At first my Dad was skeptical of all of this, but once we had to start moving people around, combining tables ect it was great, you couldnt loose anyone! Then I transferred it all onto my computer. In total we have 109 people coming, and 11 tables!

I picked up my dress, my mom found her shoes, I found more shoes for the rehearsal dinner and going away outfit. Ive planned out a schedule of the day, photo list and the music playlist. I am still working on: Script for the MC, Program, and we are finishing the favors.We finalized details with the caterer, rental company and florist this week! So yes, a lot has been going on!

So excited! Who’s excited?

ps my sister still needs shoes 🙂 lol

45 Days!

Hello Everyone!

45 days till the wedding!! and again, a lot has happened since my last post.

The invitations went out a while ago, i LOVE them, and got a lot of great feedback about them. We have started to get replies, which is exciting! My Mom even sent one to Rob & I.

I got my dress fitted and am picking it up the 28th! It really didn’t need a lot… I was very excited two of my bridesmaids were able to come to my fitting, Momma Joan and my Mom! It went to well!!

I finally found the perfect Guest Book, which took me a VERY long time, i ordered it off etsy. I also found the most amazing garter on there! its beautiful! Although I wont show you them, one thing they have in common is Yellow!

We have had many trips to maine, and are really starting to finalize every last detail! It is all coming together, and i cant wait!

On our most recent trip to Maine, I got a BIG surprise. We went down to meet about the rehearsal dinner, Robs Mom and Sister came as well. Well at the end of the meeting the women we were meeting with said, “Oh and now you are all off to a bridal shower” Robs Mom & Sister quickly said no no, a birthday party, although I had figured it out, I tried to pretend on the inside i didnt know.

Rob and I went to my parents house to find no one home, which was weird. After my mom and Kay getting home, Kay invited me to a lunch at the Cosmopolitan Club in Bath for the humane society. When we arrived at the humane society, I walked in and there 20 very special people waiting for me! (and a ton of gifts) It was an amazing day. My Mom (with some help from bridesmaids) planned it, and my dad catered it. They brought a lot of things from our home, including all the dishes (my tea cups) and many flower arrangements.  It was a English tea theme (since i was born in England). We had tea sandwhiches (is that what you call them?) , and then I opened gifts, I got so many amazing things. We had deserts after, with TEA of course! My mom had made cute favors with tea, cookies, and a chocolate candle that smelled so good many people almost ate it.

It was so wonderful to have everyone together, and many of our family members got to meet before the wedding. Rob came down at the end to see everyone (and meet a couple of people), he walked in and the whole room went silent, it was too funny! I didn’t get a ton of photos, so please send them along if you took some! Thank you all for an AMAZING (almost) Surprise shower!
It was perfect!

I still need help with two things,

1) Does any one have any suggested readings?

2) We need to make a play list for after dinner, Please suggest songs in the comments or email. I really need suggestions and want a variety of music!

I’ve been taking dance since i was 3, and been dancing with my mom for the last few years. Last night was Fay Pye’s School of the dance recital. We did a comedy routine to “Going to the Chapel, you can watch it here! Sorry you will all see my dress ahead of time.. just kidding!

In other news…. I had a great Bride Bag made 🙂

Bride bag!

And the invitations are in! I LOVE THEM, and Rob likes them as well (im not sure how excited he would get over an invitation though), get excited to see them in the next few weeks in mailboxes near you.

Hi everyone–

I know I said I would blog more, but things have been VERY busy lately. I got my masters in May from Clark…


And a millon other things have happend, but here is what has happened wedding related-

  • Robs Mom and I went to Macys and found amazing Flower Girl Dresses! It was right around Easter, so we were able to find the cutest Yellow dresses.
  • My sister ordered, and her Maid of Honor dress has come in. Im pretty sure most of my Bridesmaids have their dresses now…
  • My mother and I searched everywhere (boston, NH, mass, maine ect..) for the perfect Mother of the bride dress, and we finally found it my graduation weekend in Worcester, its perfect! it is pretty funny how it took longer to find her dress then it did mine!
  • I got my rehearsal dinner dress. ( i still need shoes for this, and a “going away dress” oh and shoes for this, did i mention i love shoes?)
  • Rob and I booked the most AMAZING honey moon. We are going to the Aura Whyndam resort in Couzmel Mexico, I am very very excited for a week of peace and quite! We have our own pool!
  • We have booked the Caterer (Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset maine) I actually went to pre school with the owners son Matt, and he will be our day of wedding coordinator! its nice to know it will be someone i know! My parents, Rob and I went to lunch there the other day, AMAZING food!
  • Rob and I got our wedding rings! Both are PERFECT
  • My Dad got his suit for the wedding, on my parents 35th wedding anniversary!
  • I may have dyed my petticoat a particular color, by this great company on etsy (they were great to work with
  • I got my Bridesmaids earrings! (today actually) From Sadie Greens in Sturbridge)
  • We booked my favorite florist in Bath (Hawkes Florists)
  • Rob and i Met with the minister again to go over the cermony. We have almost all of it figured out, but are still looking for something to be read during it… any suggestions?DSCI0023
  • We ended up going with a rental company in Portland, and went there to pick out china and every dish for the wedding
  • I am ordering the wedding favors this weekend with my mom, they will not be whoppie pies… youll just have to wait for that surprise!
  • Booked harpist for the reception
  • Rob and I have been taking dance lessons, (on a break right now as he finishes his classes), but we will be doing a rumba for our first dance.
  • Booked limo and a car to take us to boston that night.
  • I finally really did  find my veil (just one) , I was in a bad mood one Saturday and saw a wedding shop, stopped the car and told me to go in. I went in and found the veil of my dreams. I was in love. I ended up finding it online for 100 dollars cheaper!
  • We have booked the best cake guy EVER, and he is designing my cake. I really clicked with him, every layer will be a different flavor and  I wont know what it will look like until the day of. I showed him many photos of what i did like, and he seems to know just what to do!  I am VERY excited about my cake and dont you worry….No one will put Baby’s cake in a corner!
  • We are ordering our invitations this week!

I promise to update more, anyone have any suggestions of a reading for our wedding?

Lots of updates!

Its been too long since I Blogged about wedding planning. The save the dates went out, but we ran out of them, so even a few people who should of gotten them didn’t. It was fun to get the final list together!

I also received my bridal hoodie I had made by a wonderful women who was married many years ago on 9/26. I put out a request for a custom order on etsy.com and was amazed with all of the responses I got back. I am so happy with the results and completely recommend the women who made it! Here is her store.


Our engagement was in my local newspaper last week, the times record.


I played an AMAZING joke on my sister, who is the maid of honor, seen here. I cant believe she fell for it!!!!

This weekend I have been in Maine, and had a million things to do/choose. Dad and I spent all day yesterday doing things (mom was teaching). He even typed up a list before i came. We first went to meet a lady who makes cakes, she was nice and some of her cakes are very pretty. We stopped in at the rental place to pick dishes, silverware, napkins and table clothes. So many decisions. We then went to the candle store for ideas, and then ended up at the fabric store. We found some great fabric for the head table, and are still deciding on fabric for the reception site.


We then headed over to the first of three flower shops to look at sample centerpieces. Two really stood out, and the florsits were very nice.We tried to stop at the reception location, but they were cleaning the room and had the doors closed due to fumes!   Our last stop was looking at a possible rehearsal dinner location.

Later my mom and I went out to look at Bridesmaids gifts, and veils. I think i may have found “the one” well actually i think it will have to be two!

Everyday i am working and looking at bridal things, I keep thinking of more decisions that need to be made, at least my parents are helping!

Next weekend we are doing a cake tasting, the weekend of march 21st we are having a caterer cook at my parents house, Robs parents are coming too.

And last but not least, I tried on my shoes with my dress last night and they are perfect. I thought they may be too high. I was so excited!